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Code CR6000 Barcode Scanner

The CR6000 is an industrial grade direct part mark (DPM) imager designed to read barcodes of every sort. The CR6000 effortlessly reads laser-etched, embossed, dot peen, low-contrast and postal barcodes, and easily decodes dense and extremely small barcodes. Designed with multiple illumination fields, the CR6000 intuitively selects the field that is most efficient at reading each barcode type. This   »View more
  • Part number: CODE-CR6000-SCANNERS Manufacturer: Code
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  • Code CR6022-PKU

    CR6000DPM DK GRY USB STR CBL STAND CR6000, Dark Gray, 6-ft Straight USB Cable, Stand...
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    CR6000DPM DK GRY USB STR CBL CR6000, Dark Gray, USB, 6-ft Straight USB Cable...
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