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Cookies policy

  1. What are cookies?

    Cookies are very small text files stored in your navigator when you visit a web site.  This information allows us to learn about your preferences during your visits or previous visits, to find out which products you have ordered, products that have interested you before (these are shown in the web to give you quick access to them) and similar products.

    The problem is that cookies have been abused to collect a lot of information about the habits of visitors to other web sites and, for this reason, European legislation means that we must inform you and request your authorisation to use cookies.

  2. What are Logiscenter’s cookies used for?

    • Session maintenance : This cookie allows us to maintain a continuous line during your visit - products added to your basket during your visit, products you have looked at and other details relating to your visit.

    • Information about concrete functions, such as the position of a slider...

    • Cookies by Google Analytics : Google Analytics is an analytical service of web sites provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”), with its headquarters in Ireland.  Google Analytics uses  “cookies” to help analyse the use of web sites. Information generated by a cookie relating to web site use (including the IP address) is directly transmitted and filed by Google in services in the US.  Google will use this information for Logiscenter’s account in order to (i) follow up the use of the web, (ii) prepare performance activities about the web site, (iii) render other services related to the activity of the web site and the use of internet.  Google can transmit this information to third parties when required to do so by legislation, or when these third parties process the information on Google’s account.

    • Doubleclick Cookies : Doubleclick is a service provided by Google to manage the publicity of Logiscenter in other web sites. 

    • Zopim cookies : Zopim is an online chat system.

  3. What options do I have?

    If you accept the use of cookies by Logiscenter and other services included in the web, you only need to press the button “Accept”.  This acceptance lasts for 90 days .

    You can also oppose the treatment of data or information by rejecting the use of cookies.  In order to do this, you must activate the appropriate configuration in your navigator.  However, you should be aware that if you do so, you will not be able to use the functions of the web site.  Using the web site without changing the configuration grants consent to the treatment of information in the format and for the reasons indicated above.

  4. How can I de-activate cookies in my navigator?

    Most navigators are configured by predetermination to accept cookies, but this configuration can be changed to block some or all cookies.

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6/7/8 (Windows XP/Vista)
      1. Select tools in the menu, followed by Internet options.
      2. Click on the privacy tab.
      3. Select the required adjustments.
      4. Click on OK.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9 (Windows 7)
      1. Click on the Configuration icon (upper right corner)
      2. Click on internet options.
      3. Click Privacy and select the options required.
      4. Click Apply followed by OK.
    • Mozilla Firefox
      1. Select Tools from the menu and then Options.
      2. Click on the privacy tab.
      3. Select the desired adjustments.
      4. Click OK.
    • Google Chrome
      1. Click on the Chrome menu in the tool bar of the navigator.
      2. Select configuration.
      3. Click Show advanced options.
      4. In the Privacy section, click on the Contents Configuration button.
      5. Select the required adjustments.
      6. Click on the X to close.
    • Apple Safari
      1. Select Safari from the menu, followed by Preferences.
      2. Click on the Privacy panel.
      3. Select the required adjustments.
      4. Click on the X to close.
    • Opera
      1. Click on the Opera menu and select Configuration.
      2. Click on Options.
      3. Click on the Advanced tab.
      4. Select Cookies from the options on the left.
      5. Select the required adjustments.
      6. Click on Accept.
    • Ios
      1. Select Configuration from the Start screen. 
      2. Select Safari.
      3. Click on Accept Cookies.
      4. Select the preferred configuration.
    • Android
      1. Initiate the navigator application.
      2. Click on the Menu button.
      3. Selection the option “More” and then Configuration.
      4. Mark or delete Accept cookies.
    • Windows Phone 7
      1. From the start panel, click on the right hand arrow.
      2. Go to Configuration
      3. Select Internet Explorer.
      4. Mark or delete Accept cookies.

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