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Desktop printer label

Direct thermal label

Compatible printers: Honeywell PC43 , Toshiba FV4, Zebra LP2844, Zebra TLP2844,  Zebra GK420,  Honeywell PF8,  etc.

Width & height mmLabel per rollLabel per boxPriceReference number
25 x 76930125,893007207
31 x 222780126,323007208-T
32 x 252580126,32800261-105
51 x 252580129,59880199-025D
57 x 193315129,59800262-075
57 x 322100129,59800262-125
57 x 511370129,59800262-205
57 x 76930129,593007209-T
57 x 102700129,59800262-405
76 x 2525801212,16800263-105
76 x 5113701212,16800263-205
100 x 501300415,4987000
102 x 2525801215,95800264-105
102 x 3817901215,95800264-155
102 x 6411001215,95800264-255
102 x 769301215,95800264-305
102 x 1027001215,95800264-405
102 x 1275651215,95800264-505
102 x 1524751215,95800264-605

Thermal transfer label Desktop printer ribbons

Compatible printers: Honeywell PC43 , Toshiba FV4, Zebra LP2844, Zebra TLP2844,  Zebra GK420,  Honeywell PF8,  etc.

Width & height mmLabel per rollLabel per boxPriceReference number
31 x 222890125,303007200-t
32 x 252580125,30800271-105
51 x 25258086,903007201-T
57 x 193315127,74800272-075
57 x 322100127,50800272-125
57 x 511370127,503007202-T
57 x 76930127,503007203-T
57 x 102700127,503007204-T
70 x 32210049,353007205-T
76 x 252580129,81800273-105
76 x 511370129,42800273-205
102 x 2525801212,36800274-105
102 x 3817901212,36800274-155
102 x 5113701212,36800274-205
102 x 641100412,363007206-T
102 x 769301212,36800274-305
102 x 1027001212,36800274-405
102 x 1275651212,36800274-505
102 x 1524751212,36800274-605

Industrial printer labels

Direct thermal label

Compatible printers: Zebra ZT420, Zebra ZT230, Zebra S4M,  Zebra ZM400,  ZM600,  Zebra Z4M,  Zebra Z6M,  Zebra 105SL, Honeywell PD41,  Honeywell PM43,  Honeywell PX6I,  Datamax I-Class

Width & height mmLabel per rollLabel per boxPriceReference number
38 x 2551801014,27880150-025
51 x 2551801017,62880154-025
102 x 384225435,72800740-155
102 x 761890428,86880170-076
102 x 1021432428,86880170-101
102 x 152950428,86200963
102 x 1521142435,72800740-605

Thermal transfer label Industrial printer ribbons.

Compatible printers: Zebra ZT420, Zebra ZT230, Zebra S4M,  Zebra ZM400,  ZM600,  Zebra Z4M,  Zebra Z6M,  Zebra 105SL, Honeywell PD41,  Honeywell PM43,  Honeywell PX6I,  Datamax I-Class

Width & height mmLabel per rollLabel per boxPriceReference number
38 x 1967421013,24880114-019
38 x 2551801013,77880114-025
51 x 2551801014,6276051
51 x 3242401014,62880118-031
51 x 197995417,1800622-075
57 x 325087417,1800622-125
64 x 255180818,02880122-025
70 x 324240818,2876054
76 x 512740619,6176055
76 x 513292421,14800630-205
76 x 1271152613,69880018-127
83 x 512740615,33880020-050
89 x 255180615,7676178
89 x 383634615,76880022-038
100 x 502820616,987394
102 x 383634416,9880026-038
102 x 512740416,9880026-050
102 x 642220416,976179
102 x 761890416,9880026-076
102 x 1021432416,976523
102 x 152950416,976180
102 x 165880416,976181
102 x 203726418,01880026-203
148 x 210700423,6176524
152 x 216680424,7276186

Continuous paper rolls for portable printers

Ribbon is not necessary.

Compatible printers: Zebra RW420, Zebra ZQ500, Zebra IMZ, Zebra QLN,ZQ600, ZQ511, ZQ521.

Width mmLargeThicknessLabel per boxPriceReference number
101,6 x cont.30 m60164,253004596
101,6 x cont.24 m80164,683003072
50 x cont.20 m60302,843006130
50 x cont.15 m80302,213006129
75,4 x cont.20 m60303,913006132
75,4 x cont.15 m80303,073006131
50 x cont.19 m80202,533003061
76,2 x cont.27,5 m80202,963003060
101,6 x cont.24 m80164,683003072

Portable printer labels.

Compatible printers: Zebra RW420, Zebra ZQ500, Zebra IMZ ,Zebra QLN, ZQ600, ZQ511, ZQ521.

Width & height mmLabel per rollLabel per boxPriceReference number
50.8 x 38.1250202,963003060
50.8 x 50.8 185202,963003059
76.2 x 44.45 350205,443003075
76.2 x 101.6 130185,383002086
76.2 x 76.2170185,38
60 x 50300165.633003353
101.6 x 50.8300167,013003076
101.6 x 76.220016
101.6 x 101.615016
101.6 x 152.410516



As specialists in the mobility and automatic identification sector, through Logiscenter you will be able to select the consumables for barcode printers that best suit your needs and the functionality of your business. From paperlabels from manufacturers like Zebra to Honeywell ribbons. Our technical team will help you choose the product and achieve excellent print quality.

What are barcode printer consumables?

Barcode printer consumables are one of the most important elements during the printing process. Without them, these technological devices would not work and would affectboth the production lines and the operational efficiency of the company.

Such label printers can work through one or more printing methods such as direct thermal printing or thermal transfer printing. The choice will always depend on the printer itself and the necessaryprinting features.

The direct thermal printing method requires the use of a consumable for the printing process. In this case, only one thermal self-adhesive label and no other additional consumables such as the ribbon would be required. These labels are designed with a chemical coating that reacts when it comes into contact with heat, thus generating the data or images that you want to print.

On the contrary, the thermal transfer printing method if youneed from the use of several consumables. A combination between the sticker and the transfer tape, also known as ribbon. These types of labels do not have a special coating, so they need ink to be able to print anytype of information withquality. As the name implies, these barcode printers generate heat through their head and melt the tape ink on the labeling surface.

Either method can printspecialized, synthetic paper labels with greater durability and identifiers. At Logiscenter we work with both printing methods and the highest quality manufacturers, within our catalog you can find Epson ribbon consumables, Honeywell paper labels and other alternatives such as TSC.

Types of printer supplies

Considering the printing method, there are different types of consumables that will need to be used during the printing processof barcode reader labels. Next, let's explain in detail each of them so that you can know its functionalities and the one that best suits your printer.


Thermal printheads are one of the consumables used within printers. They usually transfer ink to paper and can be used both in direct thermal transference printing and through the use of ribbon or thermal transfer tapes.

Each printer has a different head model and we can find them from 203 dpi to 600 dpi, greatly improving printquality. The durability of these consumables is measured by miles of printing, so you can count on them for a long season. Through our website, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of d-brandedheads and printers as recognized as Datamax or Toshiba.

Thermal self-adhesive labels

Thermal self-adhesive labels are presented in rolls and zigzags. They can be used in direct printing systems or by means of transfer. In the case of labels that are printed through thermal transfer they need the use of a tape or ribbon impregnated with wax and resin to carry out printing. It supports a lot of material, so you can use both paper and synthetic. They are designed for industrial use and are perfect for long-lasting labeling such as barcodes.

Although direct thermal labels have the same characteristics as transfer labels, they do not require the use of ribbon. This type of label has a thermal paper that is responsible for the production of printing when it comes into contact with heat. They usually work with thermal paper and are designed for short-lived labeling. It is recommended to avoid exposure to light, as well as contact with liquids or certain moistures. The adhesive material is white toguarantee excellent printquality. In Logiscenter you can find compatible labels with manufacturers such as Zebra, Epson, TSC and Honeywell. They are fully compatible with most printers of these market-leading brands.

Thermal printers ribbons

Thermal transfer tape or ribbon is the consumable used to print through label to thermal transferprinters. With this method you can make prints on any type of material, as long as it is not thermal. When heat is applied, this tape manages to attach the ink to the surface of the adhesive label itself. Within our section youcan find them of different widths and specific measurements. Taking into account its use and the labelling conditions themselves can be divided into: ribbon wax, ribbon resin and mixed ribbon. At Logiscenter we work with industry-leading manufacturers for all types of printers, so you can find recognized brands like Zebra and TSC among others.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Now that you know everything you need to know about the different types of consumables and printing methods, you just have to choose from our online catalog the product that best suits you. Logiscenter is a reference partner of the main manufacturers. This close relationship with the manufacturers allows us to offer the best price, stock, delivery and technical service conditions.

Do you have any technical questions or need support? Contact our technical service.

Consult our experts, we will advise you on the best option for your needs.

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