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Mobile Computing
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PDA terminals

As a leader in the mobility and automatic identification sector, Logiscenter has a wide range of terminals in PDA format to facilitate your management and improve the operational performance of your company. With the help of our expert technical team you can choose the product that best suits your needs with complete security and guarantee in the market.


What are PDA-type Handhelds?

Personal Digital Assistant or more popularly known as a PDA. These small terminals can combine the functionality of a computer and a networked smartphone. In addition to being able to be used as a mobile phone, PDAs are designed to make everyday business operational tasks easier. From data collection to inventory control, everything you can imagine within the area of logistics and administration is in the hands of these small devices.

In recent years, these tools have become big players in professional environments, especially in companies with high logistics activity that require close control instantly. An easy and simple way to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Today, we can see how many PDAs are actually used as true POS devices, helping with data management both inside and outside the business. It is no wonder, all of these terminals feature a touch screen, memory card, wireless or wired connectivity, direct synchronization with any device or computer, and extensions to other business tools like barcode readers.

With the advancement of technology, we see PDA terminals incorporate voice recognition systems as well as hand-writing keyboards. At Logiscenter you can find PDAs with Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and other operating systems, made by leading international manufacturers, such as Datalogic, Zebra and Honeywell.

Uses and operation of PDAs

PDAs are fully adaptable to any type of business and offer a wide range of features to improve productivity. They are the perfect devices for quickly communicating data and instantly sharing information between different locations from warehouses, offices, or field work. PDAs are the most widely used devices in processes that affect the traceability, control and tracking of goods that are recorded within a warehouse. From receipt and entry, to returns and reduction of preparation time of orders and even receipt of orders from a customer.

PDAs greatly simplify inventory and stock control by facilitating returns and allowing any stock movement to be validated by using only these tools. They record all actions that are executed and allow real-time recording of possible incidents and actions executed by each worker within the business. Any PDA facilitates increased efficiency of day-to-day management and activity within companies such as supermarkets, warehouses, or retail companies. Not to forget, the transport and logistics agencies in general.

The use of PDAs in companies helps automate processes in an agile, productive way, while reducing margins of error. They also simplify management and reduce the learning curve of staff by improving training capabilities.

Types of PDA formats at your fingertips

With connectivity in mind, we can divide PDAs into USB terminals, which require a physical connection for data upload and download, or Wireless that connect and exchange data wirelessly. Depending on their functionality, they are divided into basic equipment for collecting data in a telephone format, complete fixed-mount terminals for vehicles as well as industrial tablet format.

Dedicated warehouse control PDAs allow easy connection to ERP software by adding barcode readers, allowing data to be received and sent. On the other hand, the main advantage of warehouse PDAs is to improve control and speed of product mobility. The PDAs found in fulfilment centres allow traceability of goods by recording product inputs and outputs easily. Warehouse PDAs are often very common in airports or large transportation warehouses.

At Logiscenter we have a wide variety of PDA terminals to suit your business processes and needs.

Basic features to choose the best PDA terminal for your industry

Incorporating a PDA terminal into your business is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. With little room for errors or delays, these tools facilitate daily business activities that affect goods management.

Depending on its functionalities and your industry sector it would be advisable to choose one type of PDA terminal over another. Terminals in industrial tablet format offer different memory and processor options, making them ideal for workshops, warehouses and even for governing bodies and security forces. On the other hand PDAs with a built-in keypad make it easy for the operator to enter data, but as a counterbalance, they have a smaller display and are designed to facilitate control tasks within a distribution centre.

Either can be properly linked to a company's ERP system, thus improving the capabilities of both tools. Honeywell PDAs are fully rugged and feature high-performance to be deployed in any organization.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Logiscenter is a reference partner of the main manufacturers of mobile computing. This close relationship with manufacturers allows us to offer the best price, stock, delivery, and technical service conditions.

Do you have any technical questions, or do you need support? Go to our technical service.

Consult our experts, we will advise you on the best option for your needs.

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