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ID Tech MiniMag Series

The MiniMag intelligent swipe reader is designed for POS and desktop applications where space is at a premium. The entire unit is 90-mm long (about the length of a standard credit card), giving it the smallest footprint of any unit with comparable features. MiniMag is ideal for POS, hospitality, loyalty, access control and other MagStripe-reading applications. It reads up to three tracks of inform   »View more
  • Part number: ID-TECH-MINIMAG-SERIES Manufacturer: ID Tech
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  • ID Tech IDMB-354133B

    LH6564S-B1 164CM 65IN LED - Leistungsaufnahme EIN-Zustand: 250 Watt/ 165.1 cm (65)/ Full HD (1920x1080)/ Farbe: schwarz/ Anschlüsse: Display Port, Cinch/RCA Jack (Composite Video), D-Sub 15pol., DVI-D, RS-232 (seriell), RJ-45 (LAN), Hosiden/Mini-DIN (S-Vi
    In Stock
    €71.87 VAT incl.
  • ID Tech IDMB-334133BM

    LE3240S-B1 80CM 31.5IN IPS - 80 cm (32)/ Full HD (1920x1080)/ Farbe: schwarz/ Anschlüsse: Cinch/RCA Jack (Composite Video), HDMI (mit HDCP), D-Sub 15pol., DVI-D/ 350 cd/qm/ 1400 :1/ 200 x 200/ Zubehör: Fernbedienung/ B: 726.5 mm/ H: 425.2 mm/ T: 63.5 mm/
    In Stock
    €66.97 VAT incl.

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