Datalogic Memor 11: optimised performance and flexibility

Datalogic Memor 11 placed on an arm.

Datalogic launches the Memor 11 PDA, the new addition to the Memor family of handheld terminals. This new terminal is designed to offer, in a single device, a versatile solution for mobile workers. The Datalogic Memor 11 meets the needs of users who require flexibility for use with applications in retail, warehousing, manufacturing or transport and logistics. It is available with Wi-Fi only or also with 4G and Wi-Fi that allows to be connected both indoors and outdoors.

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Protect your terminals with Zebra OneCare

A Zebra OneCare person fixing a device

The maintenance of the devices is an essential part after their incorporation into the company. In addition to purchasing the terminals, it is necessary to have software applications installed on them. If either of these two parts is not working, the workflow slows down or even comes to a standstill. The manufacturer Zebra offers a comprehensive service to protect you against these unexpected surprises: Zebra OneCare. In addition to warranty and emergency repair, Zebra adds years of continuous improvement to protect your technology and investment.

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New Ultra-Resistant Zebra RFD90 RFID Sleds, Forget About Shocks

Zebra RFD90 ultra-rugged UHF RFID sleds, models RFD9090 and RFD9030, on a white background

Zebra launches a new version of its ultra-rugged UHF RFID sleds. The Zebra RFD90 model, which is characterized by being "relentless, versatile and future-proof". These sleds offer all the reliability even in the most demanding environments. One of its most interesting features is that they are designed to resist and endure over time. Equipped with the latest technology that will continue to be compatible with software updates from other terminals and with wireless connection to simplify management and expand its compatibility.

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RFID in retail

A person sticking an RFID tag on a box

The barcode is the most used solution to identify products in the retail sector, but RFID is making a hole in this world. Large companies such as Decathlon, Inditex, El Corte Inglés or Mango are in the process of adding, or have already done so, this system to their merchandise circuit.

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Opening a clothing store: Technology

A hand pointing at clothes with a barcode reader

Starting from scratch with a business is not easy, but from Logiscenter we can give you a hand with several tips. To start a clothing store we will need to take into account the location, suppliers and look for a favorable place. In addition to all this, we will have to acquire the most appropriate terminals to our needs, considering the value for money of the devices.

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How does a counterfeit detector work?

A counterfeit detector and a Ratiotec banknote counter

There is a possibility that a counterfeit bill will reach our hands. A great ally for business in these cases are counterfeit detectors. These machines solve, in less than a second, all doubts about the authenticity of cash. But how does a banknote detector work?

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How do you know if a barcode is fake?

A woman reading a barcode from a package with a laptop behind it

Barcodes are present in our day to day. We can find this system, which allows to encode numbers and letters through an image, in various formats that encode in different ways. Each of them is designed to fulfill a specific task, depending on the information they collect. In this way, we can find two large groups: one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes. They can also collect information depending on the type.

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Hospitality printers: restaurants, bars and cafes

A café next to several restaurant tickets

Although in hospitality the client always looks at the food, the best quality and flavor possible, in addition to -increasingly- high hygiene demands, an important step to close your clients visit positively is the time it takes to pay for the service. A receipt that has a good presentation, with the right weight, quality, and design, offers a better image of our company.

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What is a PDA and what is it used for?

Five PDAs from Datalogic's Memor10 family

PDAs have become a must in many types of businesses (logistics, storage, retail, etc.). They facilitate and streamline the work that must be done, and offer various functions, so they are useful for different applications within the same company. Being such an essential instrument, it is time for us to know more about what exactly a PDA is, how it works and what it is used for in the professional field.

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