Logiscenter earns Great Place to Work Certification!

Great Place to Work

For the first time, Logiscenter obtains the Great Place to Work Certification, awarded by the consulting firm Great Place to Work. It is a recognition in the field of people management and business strategy awarded annually to the best employers around the world.

7 out of 10 employees believe Logiscenter is a Great Place to Work. Our commitment to credibility, an atmosphere of team feeling and respect among colleagues are among the issues most valued by our professionals. Among the main human resource strategies implemented by Logiscenter, we highlight our work to promote work-life balance, diversity among our employees and team building.

What our employees say about us

As we have already mentioned, 7 out of 10 colleagues think Logiscenter is a Great Place to Work. This is the result of practices such as the confidence managers show to employees and the ability to take time from work for personal matters when necessary. 89% of colleagues highlight both cases. Logiscenter seeks equality among employees, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or race, a practice with which 84.5% of the company agrees.

All these tasks that we value at Logiscenter result in 9 out of 10 colleagues being proud to see the results of their work. Logiscenter is definitely a good place to work.