Hospitality printers: restaurants, bars and cafes

A café next to several restaurant tickets

Although in hospitality the client always looks at the food, the best quality and flavor possible, in addition to -increasingly- high hygiene demands, an important step to close your clients visit positively is the time it takes to pay for the service. A receipt that has a good presentation, with the right weight, quality, and design, offers a better image of our company.

Every hospitality business needs a ticket printer to generate receipts instantly. In Logiscenter we tell you which are the best printers for restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Ticket printers

Receipt and ticket printers are a type of thermal printer that uses thermal paper that reacts to heat and does not stick. They are simple and versatile machines, since they can be used isolated, integrated with other devices, or opt for their portable version. Due to their purpose, they are specially designed to be used with points of sale (POS).

They offer fast and agile printing, in addition to a resolution of excellent quality (usually 203 dpi), allowing receipts to be read perfectly. Another advantage they have is that the cost per print is low.

The characteristics to take into account when looking for a printer for a restaurant are the resistance to demanding environments, as it will be exposed to high temperatures, steam and grease, among other elements that may affect the terminal; hygiene, since being surrounded by food must be taken care of to the maximum to avoid contamination, for example, antibacterial properties; and the type of connectivity, because it must be linked to other terminals, such as a PDA, mobile phone or POS, so that they can send the information to be printed.

Some of the prominent manufacturers of receipt printers are Zebra, Honeywell, Epson, Citizen and Bixolon.

Home services

On the other hand, more and more restaurants choose to offer a delivery service. Some online food delivery platforms require specific printers to run.

In Logiscenter we are an official partner of Uber Eats, so we offer the official printer to be able to work with the food delivery service.

This printer connects quickly and easily via Bluetooth to your tablet. In addition, they have an automatic connection function that allows them to be reconnected when the mobile terminal re-enters the distance range.


In addition to the receipt and ticket printer, several accessories are required for its correct operation. The main consumable is thermal heads; each model requires a specific head, which is specified in the tab of its model. You will also need rolls of thermal paper to be able to print your receipts.

If you still have questions about printers, contact the Logiscenter technical team and they will help you with everything you need.