I want to open a grocery store

Shop assistant passing food through the box

Starting a business is not easy, and it never hurts to read some tips. In addition to choosing a good location, a favorable store front and the best suppliers, we must know how to choose which are the most appropriate terminals for our needs, considering both the quality of the devices and their price.

In Logiscenter we help you get the devices you will need to open your grocery store, whether it is a greengrocer, butcher, bakery, market or any other type.

POS System

A food retailer, being a company that sells directly to the consumer, will need a POS (Point Of Sale) system, which is made up of several elements. The purpose of this terminal is to facilitate and record transactions with customers. Here are some of the items that a POS may need to fully open a grocery store:

  • Barcode reader: helps automate purchasing processes. Through a simple scan, you can know all of the products information and add it to the final sale. In addition, by integrating it into inventory management systems, it allows you to easily adjust stock levels.
  • Bioptic scanner: it is an even faster alternative to the traditional reader and can be mounted on the same counter. The barcode is scanned just by passing it near the screens, it is not necessary to have accurate aim. In addition, you can have a scale to weigh, directly, bulk food, such as the Magellan 9300i/9400i model from Datalogic.
  • Screen Terminals: are the monitors that show all the information related to the product. At Logiscenter we work with brands as well-known as ELO or Glancetron.
  • Cash register: they allow you to record the sales and the flow of payments, both in cash and by card. They are becoming more and more modern, to the point of becoming fully electronic.
  • Cash drawers: in these drawers you can store cash in a comfortable way for Cashiers.
  • Ticket printer: POS printers allow you to print tickets (i.e. paper receipts) instantly with the transaction summary. They are a fundamental element for the customer to know their purchase in detail and have a receipt in case there is any inconvenience. In our catalog we have models from manufacturers such as Zebra or Epson.

The number of point of sales that your market needs will depend on the physical space available and the volume of purchase. POS systems allow you to save time in operations and thus increase productivity, in addition to avoiding human errors.

Other necessary elements

Do not forget that receipt printers need rolls of paper to continue their work, a consumable that will have to be acquired on a regular basis.

For all the above to work properly, it is essential to install software that tells each terminal what to do. Depending on the needs of the grocery store, you will have to opt for a sophisticated one.

Money counting machines are also a great ally for food stores that use metal, since they save a lot of time by not having to calculate cash manually. There are automatic counters for both coins and banknotes, and they offer other services such as counterfeit detection or money sorting.

If you still have doubts about the machines you need to open a grocery store, contact the Logiscenter technical team and they will help you with everything you need.