Opening a clothing store: Technology

A hand pointing at clothes with a barcode reader

Starting from scratch with a business is not easy, but from Logiscenter we can give you a hand with several tips. To start a clothing store we will need to take into account the location, suppliers and look for a favorable place. In addition to all this, we will have to acquire the most appropriate terminals to our needs, considering the value for money of the devices.

In Logiscenter we help you to know and get the devices you will need to open your clothing store, regardless of whether it belongs to a large chain or if you have created it yourself.

POS System

Textile retailers sell directly to the consumer, so it is essential that they have a whole POS (Point Of Sale) system, which is made up of several elements. The purpose of this terminal is to facilitate and record transactions with customers. Here are some of the items a POS may need to open a clothing store:

  • Barcode reader: helps automate purchasing processes. Through a simple scan, the product can be quickly identified and added to the final sale. In addition, by integrating it into inventory management systems, it allows you to easily control and adjust the stock.
  • Terminal: are the monitors where the information of the purchase that the client is making (products, units, prices) is displayed. At Logiscenter we work with brands as well-known as ELO or Glancetron.
  • Cash register: they allow to record the sales and the flow of payments, both in cash and by card. They are becoming more and more modern, to the point of becoming electronic.
  • Cash drawer: to store cash in a comfortable and safe way for dependents.
  • Ticket printer: POS printers allow you to print tickets (i.e. paper receipts) instantly with the purchase summary. They are a fundamental element for the client to know their purchase in detail and have a receipt in case they need to change or return a garment. In our catalog we have models from manufacturers such as Zebra or Epson.

The number of point of sale terminals that your textile SME needs will depend, mainly, on the physical space available and the volume of purchases. POS allow you to save time in operations and increase productivity, in addition to avoiding human errors.

Other necessary elements

One consumable that can't be in short supply is rolls of paper, as receipt printers can't work without them. In addition, for all of the above to work properly, it is essential to install one or more software that tells each terminal what to do, depending on the needs of the food store.

Shopify POS

A store software recommended by Logiscenter is Shopify POS, developed by the e-commerce company. This program is used to print tickets and works on an approved range of receipt printers. There are models with different connection options, either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and / or Ethernet.

Textile labels

If you produce your own garments and have a large volume of production, you can consider buying a clothing label printer. The ZD421T thermal transfer textile label printer, is one of the best sellers on the market. It offers a high printing speed, as well as a width of clothing labels of up to 104 mm.

These labels are made of polyamide fabric (synthetic fiber) and are perfect for sewing or adhering through a thermofixation process. These types of textile labels are resistant to washing, drying and ironing cycles, and have the same duration of the product to which it is applied. Polyamide fabric is one of the most resistant materials on the market.

When designing clothing labels, they must contain minimal and mandatory information:

  • Percentage of composition of the fibers.
  • Care and maintenance instructions.
  • Garment size.
  • Country of origin.
  • Trademark.

If you still have doubts about the machines you need to open a clothing store, contact the Logiscenter technical team and they will help you with everything you need.