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Label printers

Referrers since 2008 in the sector of automatic identification and mobility, at Logiscenter we help you choose the label printer that best suits your needs. Our expert technical team will advise you at all times so you can decide between technology and the most cutting-down manufacturers on the market.


Label printers, what exactly are they?

Label and barcode printers are those that give us excellent quality printing on self-adhesive paper rolls. Thus creating all kinds of stickers, tickets, receipts, bracelets and, of course, labels.

Regardless of the size of the company, these devices have become useful devices both inside and outside the company. In a fast, practical and efficient way we can print from business cards to barcodes. Placing prices on products, rotating files or simply facilitating any type of management are just some of the advantages that label printers provide us in the day-to-day.

Without the need for ink cartridges or toner, these printers use a thermal printing system that requires less maintenance and the exclusive use of paper coils to write. A cheaper alternative to typical laser or inkjet printers.

What can we use label printers for?

Ideal to speed up your work processes and be able to print instantly with excellent quality. Although these printers can be used in any professional field, they are usually the healthcare, retail,food and distribution sectorwhere daily use is often most common.

Healthcare sector

Clinical care is one of the areas where label printers are most required. In addition to streamlining natural workflows, thanks to this solution we will be able to quickly and at all times identify patients. This helps us improve the care and safety offered at every hospital and health center. In addition to minimizing possible history errors.

Retail sector

Can you imagine an unlabeled T-shirt? Working in a more organized and efficient way is the main reason for using label printers within the retail sector. Quickly controlling stock, knowing the status of each product, tagging promotions, reporting on price and managing queues on cash lines are just some of the benefits of this type of technologies.

Food and distribution

Maximum safety in each of your food. Thanks to their perfect precision, label printers make it possible to make the characteristics of each product known to customers: ingredients, nutritional values and expiration. In many companies, labels have become yet another differentiating element of the company versus its competition within the market.

Types of label printers

The most flexible printers that we can find within the printing market. These types of devices allow you to print on virtually any media that is viable and that can enter the printer itself.

Its main function is the creation and manufacture of labels. However, as mentioned above, they can design everything from tickets to bracelets. The best alternative to solve the most common labeling problems within companies.

Depending on your print volume, Logiscenter offers three different types of label printer formats alongside the industry's leading manufacturers such as Honeywell, Evolis or Zebra printers.

Desktop printers

Also known within the industry as desktop printers,these devices are perfect for low print volume and occasionally. They are designed to be used in offices and small shops, fully adapting to the needs of each company.

Its technical characteristics usually include the maximum label width, approximately 118mm and its resolution, available in 200 and 300 dpi. These models also have accessories and applications to help us in the day to day.

Mid-range printers

Large quantities of printing in a fast and very efficient way. Mid-range label printers are designed for continuous use, both in the office and in an industrial environment.

The label rolls of these printers are much larger, even some of the models come to support 6" and 8" wide printing. We can find them in logistics centers and large areas. They have all kinds of accessories such as cutting, rewinding and dispensing, thus guaranteeing a more optimal and professional result.

Industrials printers

Designed to be used in a professional environment and industrial field. It can be used continuously, even without stop virtually all day. Both its parts and components ensure a perfect impression of quality and great durability over time. Maximum requirement on each label. Such industrial printers can even be integrated into the production line.

How to choose the best label printer?

There is always a label printer specially designed for you. The sector and the amount of daily printing are two of the most important factors to consider when opting for one device or another. But as you can imagine they are not the only ones, so we must recognize another series of features such as capacity, software and connectivity itself.

Small business label printers will have a power of about 60 to 90 labels per minute with a maximum width of 10 cm. If our volume is greater than this, we will need to resort to other more professional or industrial devices that help us more quickly in our labeling process.

The ability to edit and design your own labels is another key point when choosing one model or another. Currently many of these printers have software that allows us to include logos, images and customize everything we need quickly and very easily. These systems are usually very easy to operate, so no great prior knowledge of the device will be required.

Printing wirelessly is a must we shouldn't resist. Currently, synchronization between different electronic devices ensures faster and more efficient work processes. On many of the models we offer you in Logiscenter you can find the possibility of Wi-Fi or USB connection.

Buy label printer at Logiscenter

At Logiscenter we help you choose the print labeling device that best suits your industry. We work with the best manufacturers on the market such as Zebra, Honeywell and Evolis printers to give you the best warranty and quality.

From here, you will have the opportunity to have the experience of a fully qualified and expert technical team in this market. You'll also have card printers, thermal printing and even barcode printers at your fingertips. Everything you need is in Logiscenter.

Do you have any technical questions, or do you need support? Go to our technical service. Consult our experts, we will advise you on the best option for your needs.

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