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Barcode readers

Specializing in the market of automatic identification and mobility, Logiscenter offers you a large selection of barcode readers. Innovation and technology completely adapted to the needs of your business. Together with our expert technical team you can choose the right product for you.


What are barcode readers?

Barcode readers are electronic devices with built-in lasers that allow us to scan a barcode. An easy way to read all the information stored and detailed in these small digits.

At the informational level, it is important to know that barcodes are a set of numbers or letters that allow us to identify and know the characteristics of a particular product. The figures and bars that make up these codes collect different information that will help both the manufacturer and the consumer have more information of that article. The name of the company that markets these products, their price and the country of origin are just some of the data that we can quickly see when using these readers.

In addition to being able to scan each of these codes, one of its main functions is to send data from one terminal to another. Either via a Wi-Fi connection or simply via a cable.

Uses and functions of barcode readers

Although barcode readers have become one of the most essential devices within any business with a physical store or warehouse, the truth is that it is a product primarily used in the retail, logistics and industry sector.

Speeding up processes and offering a higher quality service are the main objectives in any company that starts using such readers. For example, it allows us to reduce the most common errors when performing inventories, decrease working times, improve parcel shipping management, and assist during physical document processing.

Regardless of model and manufacturer, barcode readers are very simple and convenient to use. The laser technology that is incorporated is directly responsible for capturing the code information, transmitting it to the system numerically. Inside this device is a decoder that will help recognize the symbology of the code and convert it to basic reading information.

As mentioned above, most models of barcode readers communicate to a computer or terminal. The fastest connection is usually via USB but there are also wireless devices that allow us to send/recieve information via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The latter we usually see in the warehouses of clothing and fashion stores.

Types of barcode readers

At Logiscenter we have a wide variety of barcode readers. Quality and accuracy are part of our values, so we offer you the best brands on the market such as Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic barcode readers, among others.

  • Barcode reader with laser devices: bringing the device closer to the barcode, this device performs a fast and very effective reading. Even on uneven surfaces or curves.
  • Barcode reader with laser gun: they allow you to read barcodes on virtually any surface. They are very resistant to both falls and shocks.
  • Barcode reader with omnidirectional fixed laser: ideal for immediate reading, in any direction and without any error. This type of reader is usually found in supermarket boxes.
  • Barcode reader with 2D area images: in recent years they have been incorporated into the market and it is not surprising, as they are able to read barcodes in two dimensions. Production plants are often the most common sectors and areas for their operation.

Features of the best barcode reader specific to my industry

Regardless of the type of material, the barcode reader is used directly in printed codes and usually has a maximum distance limit for proper reading. In some cases, you may even have built-in code and typically have a maximum tilt limit for reading.

Depending on the use we have for it, a number of features or others will be more convenient. In the case of industrial readers they are designed to be used in department stores. Its level of IP protection makes them totally resistant to any type of weather condition and even to heavy falls. One of its most important features is the speed and reading power that its readers possess.

However, if what we need is a handheld reader to be able to handle all kinds of goods and verify documents, it will be more efficient if among it incorporates a Bluetooth system. Not forgetting that it is a light and comfortable device to operate. While wireless readers should facilitate freedom and movement at all times, without the use of cables. Both Datalogic card readers and most other brands of manufacturers we work with currently have all of the features to offer you excellent service.

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