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Choosing a Barcode Reader

A barcode reader or scanner is a very specialized device, available in several formats and with different capabilities. Each specific application needs a specific reader.These are the options that define a bar code reader.

1. Form Factor

  • 2D reading

    Manual (pistol grip)

    Reader with a handle, it is pointed to the barcode to perform the reading. If it has a stand, it can also work as a presentation reader.

  • 2D reading

    Pocket barcode reader

    Pocket-sized reader, or an accessory to convert a smartphone into a reader.

  • 2D reading


    Fixed desktop reader, e.g. in a point of sale. The barcode (usually printed on a box or on a product) is passed in front of the reader, and the reader performs the reading.

  • 2D reading

    Integrated barcode reader

    Like a presentation reader, but it's mounted inside a counter or similar.

2. Ruggedness (manual readers only)

  • 1D reading

    Commercial barcode reader

    General purpose barcode reader, in office and store. It is not specially protected against shock, dust, etc

  • 2D reading

    Rugged industrial reader

    Specially reinforced barcode reader, resistant to shock and heavy use in industrial and warehouse environ-

3. Connection

  • 2D reading

    Wired / Corded

    Barcode readers to be used in the workplace. They connect via a USB cable or similar. It can be moved locally, but not great distances.

  • 2D reading


    Mobile, cordless, battery-powered barcode reader. The connection to the terminal can be via WiFi or Bluetooth.

4. Types of reading

  • 2D reading

    1D reading

    Linear barcodes reading (the ones commonly used in all products).

  • 2D reading

    1D y 2D reading

    In addition to linear barcodes, they also read two-dimensional codes, which can carry much more information: PDF417, QR


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