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Leaders in the mobility and automatic identification sector, Logiscenter offers our customers a wide selection of barcode designing software to improve the control and performance of any business. Through our specialized technical team, you will have the opportunity to choose the programs for the personalized creation of barcodes and labels that best suit your needs. Always with the confidence and quality assurance of the leading manufacturers.


What is barcode software?

A Barcode software is a special program that allows you to manage all those products stored within the logistics space of a business. It is done through a printing and design system with a barcode included.

Barcodes help provide relevant information and quality for each product, as well as sales, shipment tracking, and billing data. Today, they are linked to their own database, so that any worker can quickly access them in a simple and efficient way.

The main objective of using this type of software in a business is to streamline any of the activities that are directly related to the warehouse management itself. From keeping a thorough check of each and every item available to making invoices or sorting orders. Anything you can imagine is possible with the implementation of a specific label software for your business. They are fully designed to create labels and print stickers without having to resort to other barcode software.

On the other hand, at Logiscenter we also offer card design software from the most renowned manufacturers such as Seagull, Datacard or Zebra to maintain access control for any work center whether offices, warehouses or just large buildings. All of them will have special programs adapted to your business for use in PVC card printers.

Choose the label software that best suits your business

Depending on the end goal of each business, barcodes and labels can be used to perform faster processing of business management, inventory tracking, and even streamline the end customer's purchasing process. With this information in mind, you can decide the right type of software for your organization.

If your business is a retail retailer, you typically use barcodes for very specific functions. In this case, it is advisable to look for simple software with which you can print any type of labels with quality and ease. Whereaver, if your business is focused on wholesale, ideally, you choose a program that is compatible with your database and can be implemented in the required languages of the printer. These softwares are many more complex and require edits with Pro content. Here are some of the basic competencies your barcode software should offer:

  • Ease of execution: As we have seen, depending on the needs of your business one type of label software or other will be required. The easier it is for the worker to use, the easier it will be to run them.
  • Technical Support: Zebra or Scientific software has minimal technical support to resolve any questions that may arise in your day-to-day deployment.
  • Label design tools: Generate and create labels directly. These programs will allow you to choose the color, orientation and size of the label itself.
  • Compatibility: This feature is one of the most important when choosing label design software. This makes it easy to import data from programs in the Office package and export it with other types of applications.

With the help of our technical team you can choose the label software that best suits your organization.

Why you should use barcode software?

At Logiscenter we have a wide selection of label design software manufacturers so they can help you track your sales and improve the day-to-day management of your warehouse merchandise.

The implementation of this type of program should be easy and simple, so that you can automate each of the operations that are carried out in the logistics center and have greater control over the daily procedures.

These software´s ensure greater quality control and planning of the necessary stock production in the warehouse. In addition to reducing losses and minimizing the margin of error in product shipments.

Both manufacturers and label software vendors seek to increase customer satisfaction. If you don't already have a design program in your organization and use barcodes on a daily basis, it's the ideal time for you to start evaluating the possibility of implementing such programs for managing your warehouse.

Buying label software at Logiscenter

Through the Logiscenter website you can choose between the different manufacturers of label design software and start improving, from day one, your activity and control of your goods. Zebra, Seagull or Scientific, Datacard, Nicelabel are some of the manufacturers that will guarantee you an optimal and appropriate service to your business.

Any of these programs can be used with your usual barcodes and barcode readers. No need to move from home and with the confidence to work with one of the industry leaders. From here, you can contact our technical team specialized in label design software and we will help you without any commitment to be able to choose the tool that best suits your needs and your organization.

Now you're much closer to improving the final quality of your business.

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