Wireless infrastructure

Wireless infrastructure
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RF Wireless Infrastructures and Access Points

As a leader in the mobility and automatic identification sector, Logiscenter works with leading RF Wireless infrastructure manufacturers in the market. Thus, we guarantee excellent quality service along with the best current economic conditions. If you're thinking about setting up your own local WLAN wireless network, our technical team will help you deploy it to your business comfortably and securely.


What are RF infrastructures and access points?

A Wireless LAN is a wireless local network that allows communication between two or more devices, by using radio waves. In order for this to be possible, it is necessary that all these devices are located in the same place. Whether it's inside a warehouse, an office or even a building.

Unlike local LAN area networks, Wireless infrastructures do not require the use of cable, braided, or fiber optic, for connection between different devices. The means of transmission in this case is usually air, as wifi technology is commonly used. The coverage of these networks have a range that can range from the simplest, about 10 meters, to 100 meters away.

These wireless networks are fully standardized by IEEE 802.11 transmission standards. Defining and specifying the correct functioning of these types of connections, between the Wireless LANs we offer from Logiscenter.

One of the most important data to consider is the distinction between Wifi networks and WLAN networks. Although Wifi belongs to the WLAN category, not all of these local wireless networks have to be Wifi. The latter are also governed by the same standards, but also include other rules of their own for use and application in the market. For our understand, wireless LANs can be used in any sector and wireless technology, while Wifi is its own technology for WLAN creation.

Advantages of wireless LANs in the enterprise field

As we can see the main advantage that this type of network provides is the removal of cables to favor the connection between devices. In this way, any electronic device such as tablets, smartphones and computers, among others, can be connected to each other without cables and with distance from means. WLANs support large numbers of devices, so your business won't have any limitations when it comes to connecting.

This wireless networking solution has become the most economical and simple option in both the enterprise and private spheres. In addition, in the case of needing a greater amplitude range, various repeaters can be added to the connection. Thus, you can guarantee stable and quality connectivity.

RF Wireless Infrastructure Components We Offer at Logiscenter

The physical architecture that forms a Wireless LAN consists of RF access points (wireless) and wireless switches such as wireless network cards or repeaters discussed above.

All these components are essential to be able to implement your own WLAN network in your business. Next, we'll look in more detail at what each of them consists of, as well as the different functions they perform within this simple architecture.

RF access points

RF access points are wireless devices with antennas that receive and transmit data from one electronic device to another. It acts as if it were a bridge between the different networks, allowing that connection to each other at all times.

The usual wireless routers are part of such access points. Although you can get to work with multiple wireless connections, the truth is that the more devices that are connected to the same point, the speed of the connection will be affected. In order not to happen, the Logiscenter technical team recommends the use of more than one access point within the company itself.

Wireless Switches

Among the most common wireless switches we usually find NICs and repeaters. NICs connect to wireless access points, acting as well as a receiving medium between different devices. Depending on the model, there are NICs that can communicate directly with other network cards without using these access points. This is feasible as long as they are within range.

In the case of repeaters, these electronic accessories are used to expand and improve network coverage, reaching a greater number of devices with the same quality. Thanks to these devices it is possible that your WLAN network has doubled its actual range.

Within the Logiscenter product catalog you can also find RFID printers and RFID readers to help you connectivity within your company.

Maintenance and repair

When deploying these Wireless systems, it is important to consider the company's current infrastructures. Coexistence between the two media can occur without any problem. As long as it is raised with total safety and comfort within the workplace.

Such is our level of expertise in the sector that we offer all our customers the possibility of having an exclusive equipment maintenance service. The goal is to be able to advise you and help you get the most out of any of the devices you include in your organization. With our specialized technical team, you'll be able to maintain your equipment with total efficiency like the first day.

Buy Wireless and RFID infrastructures at Logiscenter

Through the Logiscenter online catalog, you will have the opportunity to know the most optimal infrastructures and wireless networks on the market and implement them in your business with ease and security. Brands like Datalogic, Zebra, Honeywell, Ruckus, Extreme offer you the best connectivity solutions, fully tailored to the needs of your organization.

Incorporate these new WLAN infrastructures and forget forever about old connections via cables or fibers. It's time to take a step further towards the technological future in your business.

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